Rick Rule's Primer on Contrarian Speculation

In an interview with Louis James, Rick Rule provides an excellent summary of what contrarian speculation investment is and makes a powerful case that the current metals climate means gold stocks are the play to make.

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Louis James: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Thank you very much for tuning in. We are at the Casey Research Summit – the reality check on the recovery of the economy. One of our luminary speakers who is always at our events, Rick Rule, is with us here now. We'd like you to give us the quick tour of your talk today and we'll go from there.

Rick Rule: Sure. My role here wasn't to do economics; that's not what I am. I am a speculator, and so I talked about where we are in the context of where people are with their own portfolios – in particular portfolios that are junior-resource centric – which is what I think most of your audience was interested in. Continue reading "Rick Rule's Primer on Contrarian Speculation"