MarketClub Featured In Businessweek

Great article by David Bogoslaw in this week's Businessweek.

MarketClub is prominently mentioned. See our quote below or read the whole article here.

Should You Manage Your Own Portfolio?

Here is the MarketClub exerpt:

"Possibly the only investing site that comes close to advocating the same widely diversified approach as most financial advisers is, which educates members about—and provides trading tools for—a wide range of assets, from U.S. and Canadian stocks and mutual funds to foreign currencies, agricultural and industrial commodities in the cash and futures markets, and government bonds. Marketclub, which charges subscribers $449 a year, isn't an online broker but gives members what they need to trade various asset classes on their existing brokerage accounts."

Scare Rating Services

"Marketclub lets users quickly identify which markets are going down or up and to discern trends in all asset classes, says Adam Hewison, the site's co-founder and a former trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He believes you don't need to make a huge time commitment to manage your own investments. You should be able to tell whether you should stay in or get out of any given asset if you spend even just an hour a week looking at your portfolio with Marketclub's tools."

Be sure to read the whole article here. David makes some very good points.

Adam Hewison


Co-Founde,r MarketClub