Price Action Analysis and Day Trading

Todd Mitchell of Trading Concepts is truly dedicated to trading and educating fellow traders. This is immediately apparent if you have ever spoken with him or read one of his articles.

Todd has been trading full-time since he graduated from college in 1990 and since 1994 has been sharing his powerful and successful trading strategies with traders of all levels. Today Todd is going to cover price action and its importance in trading systems and how it relates to day trading. We would love for you to leave a comment here for him here, but you can also visit Todd at


Modern day trading systems use multidisciplinary approaches to determine appropriate trading setups and to gain an overall understanding of the mood of a given days trading session. At the heart of many trading systems is price action analysis, which is interpreted in a variety of styles and approaches that best suit the particular traders methodology. Price action analysis has always been an important facet in understanding intraday trading and short-term trading trends. In some trading systems it is the primary component in determining trade selection, and in others it plays a secondary or filtering role in determining trade selection. To be sure, there are well-known trading systems that utilize only price action analysis and eschew oscillators, indicators and all the other modern day mathematically based trading tools. Continue reading "Price Action Analysis and Day Trading"

"Saturday Seminars"- Simpler Is Simply Better — Getting Down and Dirty in the Real World - Part 3

Stewart shares many of his basic daytrading rules and observations. Simplifying the decision process removes many of the psychological impediments involved in placing an order and frees valuable time for trading. Fifteen years of real-world trading and advising have convinced Stewart — and will convince you — that simpler is simply better.

Stewart Taylor began his trading career sixteen years ago by trading basic patterns and breakout strategies. These simple strategies evolved into complex day-trading strategies utilizing Elliott Wave and intraday cycles. Stewart’s trading style has come full circle, and he is now a leading proponent of the “simple is simply better” approach. Stewart developed his analytic abilities as an institutional broker serving the fixed income community with Brittenum & Associates, Refco, Vining Sparks Securities, Shearson Lehman, American Express, and Prudential Securities. In 1992, Stewart formed Taylor Consulting, Inc., and began publishing his market letter, The Taylor Fixed-Income Outlook.


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