"Saturday Seminars" - Value Investing

Commodity trading involves a high degree of leverage. That leverage allows for large returns, but also large losses. Due to the high degree of risk involved in high leverage, anyone involved in commodity trading should be aware of the risks - and gain as much understanding of trading strategies as possible.

In this informative session, Hal Masover will discuss value investing in general and the specific technique of scale trading.

Value investing is an intermediate- to long-term investment method that takes advantage of supply/demand imbalances occurring in most physical commodity markets. Although this time-tested method has been around since at least 1975, it is not well known among traders. As a leading expert on the topic, Hal will provide you with in-depth, up-to-date information on this important technique.

Hal Masover, the author of Value Investing in Commodity Futures has built a company around commodity futures as a conservative intermediate to long term investment vehicle. Hal Masover has been licensed as a commodity broker since 1987. Over the past years he has learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work in commodity trading and investing.


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