Get Hold of the ‘Trading Psycho’ In You

What's nice about the internet is that even buried under 3+ feet of snow we're able to communicate and educate! That's exactly what Todd Brown, from Triple Threat FX, is here to do today. The title says it all, so I'll leave you to enjoy the article, comment below, and invite you to watch a video from Todd here (just click play).


Of course we aren't psychos!  Nonetheless, I want to direct your attention to the most powerful technology for producing positive changes in your trading. What’s that? No, this is not a" whiz bang" indicator or new method. Each of us has this, but few invest the time or manage this properly. What is it?

It is our minds!

That 6 inch space that rests between our 2 ears that leads and directs our every action.  Everything you do in your trading every day starts as a thought!  And I’m here to tell you after working with traders for over 14 years, it is simply a game changer when managed properly.  Let’s look first at how we can optimize our minds through Trading State Management.

What is Trading State Management?

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