Happy Fathers Day from the Traders Club Blog

I wanted to wish a happy father's day to all the dads that read our blog. It's not often that we get a whole day of credit for how much we do on the other 364 days of year.

We cut the grass, balance the checkbook, kill the spiders, move the couch, the list is endless.

I wanted to give you a special something as a thank you to all the dads and fathers out there who continue to do the things that are often not recognized.

We'd like to offer you a "2 Week Free Trial" to MarketClub. There is no billing information required, just enter your information and start browsing around the MarketClub site.

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This offer only comes ONCE A YEAR...kinda like Father's Day. The trial gives you access to ALL the tools that MarketClub has to offer. This promotion will be offered to the public tomorrow, but we wanted to extend this free trial to you on this special day.
So take the trial by using the link below:

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Have a happy father's day and enjoy the gift,

The MarketClub Team