Preparing for 2010 Demands Reviewing 2009

Today's invited guest blogger is "Forex" Joe Atkins the Chief Strategist of OU Forex Trading.  Joe is mainly focusing on forex in this article, but the principals can be applied to all markets. Please check out the article today. Feel free to comment below, and see a preview of the Forex project Joe's been working on for the past three months.


Our self-esteem, or self-worth, is often based on our failures and successes in life. I challenge each of you to generate an honest appraisal of yourself before making a commitment to take back full responsibility of your financial affairs.

Some people have faced a few key failures in life and have never recovered, while it seems that people with high self-esteem take pride in how they have faced adversity and lived through adversity.

How did you fare in 2008 both financially and personally?

How have you faced adversity in 2009 both financially and personally?

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