Gone Fishing

I took a few days off over the 4th and drove up to my summer home in Maine. This trip was both to have a break and to see my children, my first grandchild and my New Zealand son-in-law, who was visiting here with my beautiful daughter. During my stay, I decided to charter a fishing boat and a fishing guide, to take the kids fishing to catch some "stripers" or "rockfish" as they are known in Maryland.

I put some time into finding a really good fishing guide, one with a proven track record. I found a great Captain who had the track record and the right credentials, so we booked a half day fishing trip. Now, we were all ready to have some fun and catch some fish. The next day we set out at 6am with high hopes of having fresh cooked "stripers" for dinner!

Sound like a classic fishing story, but after several hours of fishing and nary a bite, I started thinking that trading is a lot like fishing … there are no guarantees.

Before I lose you all at this point, let me explain what I mean by that statement. Just imagine that you have the best equipment and a top notch fishing guide, you know the fish are out there, but for some reason, that only a fish would know, they are just not biting. It gets to be a little frustrating. Continue reading "Gone Fishing"