Five Lessons China Can Teach The US Economy (NEW POLL)

I just got back from a two week visit to China, to witness for myself what all the buzz is about.

In today's post I want to share with you the five lessons we could learn from China that would lead America back to being the envy of the world and a powerhouse economy. And guess what? It doesn't include any bailouts, cheap imports, or a falling dollar.

But first, a brief history of China, specifically Hong Kong, for those who aren't familiar.

In 1898 the British government signed an agreement with China to lease Hong Kong for 99 years. That lease expired in 1997, some 13 years ago. At the time many Hong Kong residents, especially the wealthy Chinese, were concerned that it would immediately fall into a communist type regime which frowned on individual success and capital. Continue reading "Five Lessons China Can Teach The US Economy (NEW POLL)"