Forex Robots: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Part 1

As forex continues to explode I asked a good friend, Dr. Jeff Wilde from, to bring us his expert opinions. As the title states he'll be bringing the good, the bad, and the ugly! He's also asked for personal stories (of good, bad, or ugly) to be left in the comments!


Unless you haven't turned your computer on over the past 12 months you can't help but notice that practically every week another forex robot comes on the market.  My inbox is getting bombarded with offers lately all promising me a life of riches with little or no losses by using these forex robots.  Anyway...  I am blowing the lid off of the robots and taking an in depth look at them.   I have a lot to say about that and will get to it in a moment.

I pretty sure most everyone reading this knows what a forex robot is but for you newbies let me explain briefly...

A forex robot is a computer run program that is designed to analysis the forex markets for trade setups based on a particular trading system.  Whats more they can easily analyze multiple currency pairs at the same time.  In addition they will automatically place the trades for you without you even having to be present.  The most popular forex software to use forex robots with is Meta Trader.

The GOOD things about robots are...

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