This Stock Is Ready To Rock ... New Educational Trading Video

Yesterday, I made a video on gold - you can watch it here. Today, I have been looking at a market that has a lot of potential on the upside based on its relationship to the gold market and a classic chart formation. This particular chart formation is one of the most reliable in the arsenal of patterns that I watch. Making this pattern even more powerful was the fact that our "Trade Triangle" technology kicked in today for the first time in six months for this particular stock.

The chart formation we are talking about is called a "head and shoulders" formation. This formation is well-known to any serious market technician as it has proven to be one of the most powerful and reliable formations over the years. Another positive about this formation is that it actually measures how far a move will travel on the upside or downside. You can have a "head and shoulders" top which would indicate prices going lower, or you have a "head and shoulders" bottom indicating prices going higher.

In this short video, which lasts four minutes you'll see exactly how I analyzed this particular stock and what the upside potential is for this market. There is no charge for watching the video and no registration is required.

I highly recommend that you take four minutes to watch this educational training video and see how you can benefit from this particular formation.

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub