Mental Aspects of Trading

As an added Guest Blogger bonus, Bill McCready from Futures Trading Secrets, has a very informative article on the mental aspects of trading, that I think we ALL can learn a little something from. Bill's been trading for a long time, and a long time successfully, and his knowledge and wisdom is widely appreciated. Bill also hosts widely attended webinars that I think you'd appreciate, learn about the webinars here.


I have decided that after ten years of posting the same trading patterns and working with hundreds of students, that the trading signals are not the problem. Most students have trouble trading mentally and emotionally.  Here are the topics that are the most important.

Learning the Trading Game
The basics are the basics.  Here is what you absolutely must know and master.

1.    Goal Setting that is realistic and possible

2.    Finding your trading edge with patience and discipline

3.    Using both Fundamental (News) and Technical Analysis

4.    How to see in Four Dimensions

5.    Money Management and High Probability Trades

6.    Using a Trading Plan and adjusting it in a Game Plan and trading it as a System

7.    Why and how to avoid overtrading

8.    How your past experience affects your trading

9.    Setting new habits into motion for profitable trading

10.    The 10 Essential Elements Necessary to Learn the Trading Game
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