Traders Toolbox: Money Management 4 of 4

This is the final portion of the Trader's Toolbox: Money Management series. This post will recap the 5 main rules discussed. If you missed our previous post please click here for : Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3.

♦ Setting a goal - Decide what your trading objective is (quick profit and steady return) as well as your risk tolerance level

♦Diversification - If possible, allocate your finances between different products to avert the danger of getting wiped out in a single market. Don't go overboard, though; think in terms of three to five unrelated instruments. Stick to markets you know, rather than risking the unknown for the sake of diversification.

♦Deciding how much money to risk - The total amount you risk at a given time in a particular market group or on a particular trade should be based on a a percentage of your total trading equity. Exceeding your allocation parameters can result in overexposure.

♦Use of stop orders - The name of the game is preservation of capital. Placing conservative stops to cut your losses will ensure you are around to trade another day. Stick to the limits determined by your equity allocation percentages.