An Early Obituary for the Euro

Today's Guest Post comes from Michael Lombardi of Lombardi Financial. "An Early Obituary for the Euro," originally appeared on the Profit Confidential website on July 31st, 2011. In this piece, Lombardi breaks down the fate of the Euro. Enjoy with our compliments and please visit this page to obtain complimentary access to a complimentary report, "A Golden Opportunity for Stock Market Investors" as well as a free e-letter subscription to Lombardi's Profit Confidential.

Does America want members of the 17 eurozone countries to go bankrupt one by one? If only a few went under, the American currency would win the currency wars and reaffirm itself as the reserve currency of the world.

If you were someone living outside the U.S., wouldn’t this sound like a “secret” strategy that could work? After all, are not all the major credit reporting agencies (that grant credit ratings to European countries) subsidiaries of major American corporations?

These are the suspicions I’m hearing from people here in Rome.

Let’s give the theory some further attention and you’ll be surprised at what we find… Continue reading "An Early Obituary for the Euro"