Obey These 3 Option Trading Rules

I've decided to invite AJ Brown, from TradingTrainerHomeStudy.com, as he was a great guest blogger and hit a very hot topic...options! You can read his last article on OTM, ITM, or ATM, which was a great success. I asked him back today because options are getting much more play in this economy and he has 3 great rules for trading options that he would like to share with you today. Comments are welcome and expected, and just as before, he will be responding to ALL comments!


The most difficult part of trading options (or anything else) is controlling your emotions so you can make smart trades.

There's always this tug-of-war. On the one hand you have logic and common sense. On the other, you have fear and greed. Problem is, fear and greed are too often the winners! (I know; I've been there.)

With that in mind, here are three option trading rules I suggest you obey to eliminate emotional decisions.

Rule #1: Be an End-of-Day Trader

Do some people make money day trading? Absolutely. But for most people I advise against it. Here's why...

Watching the market real-time can send your emotions soaring and diving like a roller coaster on a rickety track. Sure, it's thrilling. Sure, you'll experience something like a gambler's high. But it ain't going to do your trading account any favors.

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