A special way of showing our appreciation

I wanted to thank you personally for using INO as your go-to source for market education and information. I have just published a book using Apple's iBook program, titled "Five Professional Stock Trading Rules That Will Make You Successful In Any Market".

The book is available right now and it's free. As you are a valued INO user, I wanted you to be among the first to read it.

There are no catches, the only requirement is you must have an iPad 2 and be operating on IOS 5 or later. The interactive book can only be read and played on an iPad 2. If you do not own an iPad, I highly recommend getting one of these very useful devices. I use mine every day for everything from the weather to the markets, including the MarketClub website.

I hope you enjoy my book, as it was a lot of fun writing and creating it. The book can be easily downloaded and read in a short time and will provide you with a lifetime of solid trading advice. It will also provide you with a great foundation on which to build your future and your fortune in these interesting times.

Enjoy and every success,

Adam Hewison

Co-founder of the Marketclub

P.S. Please feel free to comment on the book both here and on the Apple bookstore.


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