What is this confidence thing all about?

I was recently talking to James Mound, Founder of Futures Press Inc. We started talking about current market conditions and why he thought a majority of the "predictions" he was hearing were pretty far off base. I must admit he had some good points and I asked if he would do a guest post to address some of the issues. Take a look and be sure to comment with your thoughts. If you like what you see be sure to visit James here.


I apologize in advance if this particular report offends any analysts or traders as it is not my intention. I am here to tell it like it is, and right now many of the pundits have it DEAD WRONG about the future of the stock market, the dollar, bonds and commodity prices.

The world’s financial industries – currencies, interest rates, stocks, real estate and commodities – are all being driven by one critical issue.  That issue is confidence.  If you can predict the future track of investor confidence you might be able to forecast these critical industries and that is what I am going to do right now. Continue reading "What is this confidence thing all about?"

2010 Commodities Forecast, an Interview with James Mound

Recently we got the opportunity to sit down with Mr. James Mound, the head analyst for Mound Trade Signals and author of the book 7 Secrets Every Commodity Trader Needs to Know, for a one-on-one interview.  Mr. Mound’s 2010 Mega Commodities Forecast was released on January 5th and with it came scores of comments about his dramatic market predictions.  In this interview we will look to ask the pressing questions about Mr. Mound and his forecasts. Please enjoy, feel free to comment, and check out his 2010 Mega Commodities Forecast here.

Trader's Blog: James, thanks for sitting down with me today, and if you don't mind I'd like to jump right in. On January 5th, in your 2010 Commodities Forecast, you said:
I see a lot of signals pointing at a few weeks of bullish commodities here in the first month or so of the year…. This could be enough to get oil on a two to three week bull run to set the high for the year…. This is when I recommend jumping short.

What made you call the top with such specific timing and where is it going from here?

James Mound, Mound Trade Signals: First, thanks for having me here today. The underlying factor in oil Continue reading "2010 Commodities Forecast, an Interview with James Mound"