The Golden Rule of Risk Management

Today's Guest Blogger is frequent TV contributor, Bob Iaccino from Iaccino will try to take a stab at teaching us about the importance of risk management in the Forex markets.You can also see Bob's recently released video series, charting his trading methods and successes. Make sure you comment below with any questions you have for Bob.


Position traders are suffering a little bit, both short and long term in the Forex market right now. Even scalpers are feeling the sort of chop they haven’t felt recently because of the lack of “trend/congestion, trend/congestion” that has been the consistent general nature of the Forex markets. When the economy is in a particular phase such as recession, growth, or even depression, we’ll see the Forex markets trending. However, the direction of the trend doesn’t ultimately matter. They’ll trend for a period of time, and then they’ll pause and move sideways.

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