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William Greenspan has over 155 consecutive winning months using his "day trading" system. As a day trader since the early 70s, he has walked in the pits of the CBOT and CME practicing his philosophy of making "a million dollars on a million trades, not a million dollars on one trade."

Greenspan shares his strategy as well as best practices for successful trading on Trend TV

"Discipline. That's the key to success in so many aspects of life and it's the main ingredient of any successful trading plan. But, what does discipline really mean to an intraday trader?

Discipline means taking small quick losses and letting your profits ride. That's the key to all successful trading. Discipline means using stop loss orders on every trade to limit your losses and moving your stop loss orders to protect your profit. That's kinda like grooming your position. When you have a profit in a trade, you should take your stop loss order and move it first to your break-even point, and then if your trade continues to trend your way, to always protect your profit along the way. Three, discipline means following all the buy and sell signals that your trading plan or system of trade has to offer you.

In all trading you must expect losses and you must accept them gracefully, because it may take only one mistake to wipe out the profits of ten winning trades…"

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