Trade Management: Adding to a Position

Trade management and discipline is an essential part of successful trading. It is easy to loose focus of your initial trading plan and make knee jerk decisions when you are in a position, but sticking to a proven plan is an easy way to control risk and trade consistently. Today we have invited Forex expert Casey Stubbs, a man with a trading plan, to share with you how he adds to a position. Be sure to comment with your own tips and visit Casey at Winners Edge Trading.


I have found that trade management is one of the most important tools a trader can use to improve their trading profitability.

There are many trade management techniques that may be implemented. For the scope of this training I am going to focus on adding to a position. The technique helps to leverage my trades for increased profits.

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Catching the Wave of Success and Staying on Top

For today's guest blog post, I've invited Omar Quraishi from to help us to understand and ride the wave of trading success. Please enjoy the article and comment below!


A commitment to trading means a commitment to continued effort and education. The road to success can be long and there are often tough times along the way.  It is often the case that many people who set out to trade are blown out of the market within a few years, months, or even within a few days.

From my experience, and also many of the traders that I have met, there seems to be a consistent learning path that we all take. As a technical analyst I found a basic picture was the best way to describe the journey.

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