The Futility Of Attempting to Predict The Markets

By: Tim Melvin

We live in a world full of predictions.

People are always predicting things like the weather, the outcome of hurricane season, sporting events and, of course, the stock market. The scary part about all these predictions is how often they are wrong -- and how often individuals rely on them. If humans were such great predictors of events, there would be more far more successful investors and wealthy gamblers.

As a bonus, no one would ever get caught outside without an umbrella. The future is unknowable for the most part and making guesses is not a productive way to live or manage money.

Even those with the very best data and computing power are usually wrong more than they are right. Consider the amount of brain and computing power that goes into predicting the weather every day -- and how often they are just plain wrong. Some little unexpected wind gust a hundred miles of away and, instead of a nice sunny day, there can be a deluge of rain. Continue reading "The Futility Of Attempting to Predict The Markets"