Upsurge or Downturn - What’s coming next?

On one hand we have the U.S. GDP growing at its fastest rate in five years… upbeat factory data… a jump in consumer spending… and strong earnings reports from dozens of major players such as Pfizer, UPS, Archer Daniel Midlands, Cummins, and Alcoa.

On the other we’re facing soaring food, fuel, and commodity prices worldwide… a looming collapse of Portuguese and Spanish debt… a downgrade of Japan… protests in Egypt… and, some say, extreme over-confidence in U.S. stock markets – all of which hint at a MAJOR correction…

What does it all mean – are the markets poised to pick up a fresh leg of steam as the recovery continues… or are we on the verge of a painful, new downturn? As far as I’m concerned… Continue reading "Upsurge or Downturn - What’s coming next?"