Trading with Stop-Loss

Today I'd like everyone to welcome Michael Michaud from Today he'll be bringing us the finer points of stop losses...enjoy and please feel free to comment!


Do you use stops on all your trades? Trading without stops is the ego wanted to never be held accountable to admit that a position was a mistake if a certain level is breached or if a certain set of circumstances play out in an unexpected manner.

Let the market take you out. This takes your ego out of the decision - this decision on what stop level to exit should be calculated before entering the trade. Again you want to prevent your mind playing tricks by rationalizing a new reason to hold on to a poor performer. I review my trading journal each day in order to remind myself of the #1 Entry Driver for the positions and key stop levels. If any of these are broken, I have lost the edge projected and should exit such busted trade’s immediately.

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