Biden: "There's Going To Be A New World Order"

But what did he mean when he said that? This week, lots of news outlets are beginning to look at the prices at the pump for retail gasoline and diesel. As a result, there has been a sort of renaissance in the media as they are only now beginning to understand the mechanics involved in pricing retail fuels.

Beginning in the Spring of 2000, retailers in certain "out of compliance" states from an emissions standpoint were required to adjust their gasoline formulations to reduce the effects on air quality.

The adjustment comes in a measurement called Reid Vapor Pressure, or RVP. RVP is a measure of how fuel evaporates at a given temperature. For example, summer blend gasolines have a lower RVP to prevent evaporation when temps rise. The goal here is to prevent as much unhealthy ozone as possible and reduce smog. We have all seen it, and this is a way to try and reduce the effects on the environment and help us all breathe better.

To counter this, the Biden administration is pushing to reduce/eliminate fossil fuels from our fuel supply. The concept, while understandable in concept, falls short. Any rational thinking business person considers their market conditions. Are they ready for a transition? Continue reading "Biden: "There's Going To Be A New World Order""