Signs Of Inflationary Reflation Running Low On Gas

The summer (inflation) cooldown continues…

We anticipated it in NFTRH well ahead of time using the (monthly 30yr yield) Continuum as a visual guide. The idea was that the inflation uproar of Q1…


…needed to be tamped down, preferably to a roughly symmetrical right side shoulder to the one on the left side of a would-be inverted H&S. Continue reading "Signs Of Inflationary Reflation Running Low On Gas"

Inflation Cools (For Now), Stagnation Awaits

To maintain the inflation, a cooling of inflation was needed

That is one of those Alice in Wonderland-like statements, like the one I’ve got tattooed on my left forearm: “Contrary-wise, what is it wouldn’t be and what it wouldn’t be it would, you see?”

To maintain inflationary policy, as per various talking Fed (egg) heads, the hysterical run-up in inflationary expectations and fears had to be tamped down. And so, Google users have indeed eased their neuroses right along with a recent tamping of inflationary hysteria.


While inflation expectations ease but remain on-trend. Continue reading "Inflation Cools (For Now), Stagnation Awaits"