Are You Ready to Become a Full Time Forex Trader?

There is not a part-time trader out there who doesn’t dream of getting to the point where they can throw their day job to the wayside and trade currency from the deck of their pool. This is a legitimate fantasy that few will achieve, and for those that do it will be a hard road to get there.

There will be no chance of success at becoming a full time Forex trader until you honestly evaluate the following factors to see if it is viable in your situation:

Start Up Capital

How much is in your Forex account right now? $1,000? 2 grand? How much more can you add to it? Remember, pips don’t equal much when converted into cash and not even leveraging with that amount of money is going to make you self sufficient any time soon. Brokers don’t leverage more than what you have on hand to lose. Continue reading "Are You Ready to Become a Full Time Forex Trader?"