ETFs to Profit From a Possible Debt Solution

Today's Guest Post comes from the ETF Corner at (click here to visit original post). In this post, their "Guest Insights" contributor, John Nyaradi of Wall Street Sector Selector gives a fresh perspective on how select financial vehicles could benefit from the August 3rd debt solution deadline. Learn more about InvestorAlley and access a complimentary report, "Do Not Buy These 6 Stocks."

Investors, pundits and journalists alike have spent hours of research, television time and column inches speculating about the ramifications of a U.S. default or contagion from Greece spreading throughout the European Union.

Last week the EU was apparently successful in again kicking the can a bit farther down the road while the debate between Congress and the White House over deficit reduction goes way past the 11th hour for meeting the August 2nd deadline.

Everyone expects and assumes that the European Union will be able to save Greece and that our politicians will not take the United States and the world over the financial cliff of destruction. However, that still could very well happen which is why in previous columns we have discussed ETFs and strategies for that possibility. Continue reading "ETFs to Profit From a Possible Debt Solution"