New take on a Strangle

Today I've invited Bec from to come and show everyone what she's been using to trade options in this market. I've been reading her for a while, and I was finally able to contact her so she can teach us men a thing or two! So please enjoy the article and feel free to comment with your own thoughts and opinions!


Hi everyone,

A big thanks to Adam for choosing me to be a guest blogger on his site, I feel very honoured! Before we get into the details of my latest strategy, I think I should introduce myself a little better and tell you about myself.

My name is Bec and I'm a stay at home mum from Australia. I was introduced to trading in November 2005 and was hooked from the get go. After some success and many failures, I decided to set up a website for others out there like me, who needed information and education on how trading worked, but more importantly, see how someone else was trading the market, real-time! So I decided to place my trading diary online and thus was born! I have since written a couple of ebooks and produced a charting video home study, as I was tired of the enormous prices that some so called "experts" charged to learn
this business.

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