Short term do we play them?

We're often asked at MarketClub just how to play short-term pops. Regardless if you are looking at stocks, futures, or the forex market, it's always the same for us in the office and thousands of MarketClub members... MarketClub Alerts.

Today I have a brand new video that looks deeper into the MarketClub Alerts and a couple of Swine Flu moves that MarketClub members really nailed! I also look into the Pork Bellies recent action, and a non-Swine Flu stock that recently made a nice move that the Alerts kept me on the right side of!

You see, no matter what happens, what methods you use, or what markets you trade, the following is always true: If you're the first to know, you're the first to profit!

This applies to our trading strategy, MarketClub Alerts, and the steps we need to take to capture profits and stay on the winning side of those short-term moves.

Please enjoy the video on two Swine Flu plays, a non-Swine Flu pop, and the Pork Bellies! As always its with our compliments.

All comments are welcome and you will need the latest Flash Player to enjoy the video.