Trading in "The Matrix"

Today, on this last day before Adam returns, I wanted to pull back the Trader's Blog vale and show you a little behind the scenes action. I'll get to the great article by Douglas Newberry from, in a second, but first do you know how valuable you are to us? No really, you are our business and without you we have nothing.

Without your support of our site, without you visiting our guest bloggers sites, and without your comments we're dead in the water. So THANK YOU! Second, do you know how many sites, professional traders, and alike want to be guest bloggers?? Over 50 requests A DAY! We screen each one, check their background, and research like crazy just to make sure the content they present to you is great. It's a lot of work, but you are our customers and without you we'd be GM...HA!

Now to Douglas he's a great guy, I've known him forever and he and his partner for the longest time and I can attest to the quality of their site, knowledge, and desire to truly expand your trading knowledge. Please visit, comment below, and enjoy the article on news media  and the financial markets...


There are many ways to pick stocks to trade and a whole lot more ways to “invest”.

There are some great strategies and indicators that are staples in any good trader’s arsenal and some have been around for decades…even longer.

Most people are looking at stock charts and reading financial statements and supposing how they think a particular stock or market will perform.

Most are looking at chart patterns and calculating odds, managing risk and designing an exit strategy and all of these are important steps in the process.

One way we find traders get “tripped up” is not looking at the open carefully enough. One of the most powerful ideas we have come across is the idea of looking at the market “from the open” as opposed to yesterday’s close.

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