The Calm Before the Inflationary Storm

We ALL worry about inflation, but then the news dies down a bit and we push in another 'major issue' according to the news media. Funny how they can easily munipulate the masses with their massive hype machine...anyway when inflation was hot Tim McMahon, editor of, was busier then anyone on the planet! I've asked him to enlighten us on the inflationary storm...please enjoy the article, comment below, and visit for more info.


I must be getting old.  Things seem to change awfully quickly.  It seems like just yesterday that gasoline was well over $4.00 a gallon and inflation was 5.6%.   It was July 2008 and inflation was the hot topic, everyone was worried about costs climbing exponentially.  It seemed like every time I went to the store things cost more.  Oil was a speculator’s dream and a car owner’s nightmare.

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