Watch, Learn, and Win again TONIGHT!

Last week we launched the premiere of our new weekly live show, MarketClub TV. During the show, I used my decades of experience and our proprietary Trade Triangles to answer questions from viewers all over the world. Now I want to invite you to get in on the action.

So what is MarketClub TV all about?

Over the years my passion for trading education has led me to develop, along with my partner Dave Maher, MarketClub, as well as the Trader's Blog, and my email trading course, but I realized that I could do more. MarketClub TV is the culmination of my trading education efforts because you, the viewer, get to tell me what you want to learn, see, and talk about - live.

Last week we had a lot of fun talking about the markets and even received some great feedback from viewers along the way. This week I'm inviting you to watch, learn, and even have the opportunity to win a MarketClub membership just for tuning in.

Click here to register now.

I hope to see you there,

Adam Hewison
President of
Co-founder of MarketClub