The Greatest Investment Lesson You'll Ever Learn

Today's guest post was submitted by Dr. Steve Sjuggeurd, founding editor of Daily Wealth. Dr. Sjuggeurd shares two tips he feels will help you wrestle the markets and come out on top. Feel free to share, comment and enjoy.


My friend Elwood is as smart as anyone, anywhere.

I met Elwood when I moved to the Northeast Florida coast a decade ago. Elwood broke the hillbilly stereotype. I learned a Southern accent doesn't mean you're uneducated (just like a New York accent doesn't necessarily mean you're pushy and abrasive).

When Elwood talks, I listen. Elwood stopped by my office the other day. It turns out, he just had his first "ten-bagger"... a stock he owned that went up tenfold. I asked him to tell me the story. Continue reading "The Greatest Investment Lesson You'll Ever Learn"