The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Trading

One of the biggest mistakes we see with traders and investors is this:

They have no game-plan.

This is one of the most important elements in trading and you should not be trading without one. When you have a game plan, it allows you to get in and out of the market in a non-emotional way. So often we see traders jump into markets based on emotion, investment show ideas, or rumors. This is the worst possible way to trade and the quickest way to lose money.

There’s nothing more important to have than a game plan to enter and exit positions in the markets. By creating a game plan, you are setting yourself up emotionally to handle anything that happens in the market. Having a successful game plan, complete with an exit and money management strategy is enormously important. With the kind of volatility that we are seeing in the markets today, not having a game plan is like financial suicide and that is something that you don’t want to do.

Here’s How To Get Started Creating a game plan is very easy and you can do in a matter of minutes. Continue reading "The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Trading"