Buying Physical Gold as a Money Management Strategy

With all the attention on gold recently I wanted to bring in Justin Tazi from to give us something to think about regarding making gold a valid money management strategy...what are YOUR thoughts? Let Justin and the rest of the world know your thoughts by leaving a comment!


With the proliferation of online trading over the last decade, and the fears of being robbed by “evil” investment managers such as the likes of Bernard Madoff it is no wonder why so many individuals are attracted to the concept of managing their own investments.  It is interesting to note that Madoff will reach the ripe old age of 221 years old when he finishes doing his time for stealing billions of dollars out of hundreds of people.  When it comes to trading the markets however, it is crucial to recognize that as a trader you are faced with the same types of risks as those defrauded by Madoff, risks that can leave you betrayed by your own lack of self discipline.  An effective money management strategy is the difference between your success or failure as a trader.  Then why is it that so many of us spend countless hours studying charts, listening to expert commentary, and are glued to the latest news feeds without the careful respect and study of effective money management strategies.

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