It's Never Too Late!

After reading the responses on the Stevenson High School blog post, we got to thinking…what is the average age of today’s trader? Of course, we started our research with, where else, but Google search. We were shocked at how difficult it was to find any statistical information on traders in general. So, we thought further. Why not use the very database that our Trader’s Blog is so closely connected with…us. Or better yet, YOU! receives over 1 million unique visitors every month. Now, we don’t like to assume, but we are a website based on trading, and on the individuals that make those trades. So, for statistics sake, let’s assume that out of those million viewers, everyone is either an active trader, or would like to become one.

Turns out, the majority of viewers that visit our site are 50 years of age or older (52.9% to be exact). Thirty of our viewers are 35-50, 15.6% are 21-34, and 1.2% of our viewers are under the age of 21. This is where your comments come in:

“I came late to the party at 43, and am now 44 and just catching up.”

“IF more of us had been educated (at least to the extent of some basic exposure) to the markets, we’d all be a lot smarter today.”

“Would that as a youngster I had been introduced to “trading” and shown the benefits of knowledge in this fantastic game of calculated risk. I would be much better off today had I been instructed and tested but it is never too late.”

You’re right Jo, it is never too late - unless you’re missing MarketClub’s buy/sell signals right now, that is!

So why do we wait so long before jumping into trading and the markets? Perhaps a more important question is, why do so many traders fail while just a few succeed? Maybe those questions go hand in hand. Do you enjoy doing something that you’re not necessarily “good” at? Do you enjoy losing your hard earned dollar in an attempt to “figure out” the markets? Once again, we don’t like to assume, but we will take that risk here and assume that your answer is no. How do you get “good” and “figure out” the markets, you ask?! Simple…PRACTICE!

Did you know that the average lifespan of a trader is between 1-5 years? Perhaps if traders had a little more education and guidance, they could expand their lifetime (in trading years, that is!)

We all (us old fogies) like to believe that wisdom comes with age, but perhaps the bright young students at Stevenson High School already have a leg up on us…learning at a young age, but like Jo said, “It’s never too late.”

See how the youth at Stevenson High is taking control of their futures in trading!

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The MarketClub Team