How to Build Confidence If Yours Has Been Shaken

Today we've asked Brian McAboy from Inside Out Trading to help you build up your confidence as a trader. For over 6 years, Brian McAboy has been helping traders become successful and self-sufficient, providing training, coaching and resources that tap on his expertise as a "Success Engineer" from his Quality Assurance days.  His experience as a trader, Trading Coach, Business-Consultant and Certified Quality Engineer give you the practical edge to become a great trader and enjoy what trading offers.

Has your confidence been shaken in your trading?  If you’re like most traders, your confidence has been beaten down by the markets – or so it would appear.  In reality, the problem goes beyond those losing trades that are easy to blame for the current state of affairs.  In this article, we’ll take a look at the real reasons why you’re not feeling nearly as confident as you’d like, a fatal assumption that keeps you stuck in that lousy  rut, and the simple steps you can take immediately to build your confidence – the right way so that it lasts. Continue reading "How to Build Confidence If Yours Has Been Shaken"

Do You Need a Trading Coach?

Have you ever consulted a trading coach, and if so, what was your experience like? Long-time followers of the Trader's Blog are familiar with the educational content that we provide and often have questions about other ways to learn how to trade including, trading coaches.

Today, we're sharing a bit of commentary on the subject from's, Trader Ed. Read on to see what Trader Ed thinks about the subject and then leave a comment and share your insight or experience with us.


How do I choose a trading coach? Do you have any recommendations? How much should I be paying, and how well do they really work? Any other advice would be helpful.

Personally, I have never used a “trading coach.” Perhaps one could have helped me become a better trader, but I will never know … Continue reading "Do You Need a Trading Coach?"