Mastering MarketClub: Scheduled Webinars

If you haven't signed up for this week's webinar, it's not too late as we still have space available. Just click the link below to register for this week's or any other webinar topics that you might find interesting.

January 15th - “Open Forum and FAQ” presented by Susan Jackson and Jeremy Lutz

January 22nd - “MarketClub’s Forex Trading Strategy” presented by Adam Hewison

January 29th - “MarketClub’s Scanning Tools” presented by Jeremy Lutz

February 5th - "Beginner's Trading Terminology" presented by Susan Jackson and Lindsay Thompson

We have some great webinars coming in the next few months, but we'd really like to hear your ideas. Let us know what you would like to see in upcoming presentations by emailing ed*******@in*.com.

Susan Jackson
Webinar Administrator & MarketClub