Dealing With Bear And Bull Traps In Binary Options

Vinz de la Fuente - Contributor - Binary Options

Facing the Reality

Bear and bull traps are part of Binary Options and there is no guarantee that they will be avoided. Experiencing traps is inevitable when you are trading in the market. These traps occur in every market and on all time frames. Dealing with this situation can be frustrating, whether you're a new trader, seasonal or an experienced one. You may think that the market will be predictable, but there can be a sudden, quick change in the trend that surprises you and makes you feel helpless at the moment. Before you think negatively, try to analyze the situation and make sure you will not let yourself be a victim without doing something.

Understanding Bear and Bull Traps

When you see a false signal that shows you a declining trend in a stock or index which has reversed and is thought to move upwards, but the security actually declines continuously, then you are caught in a bull trap. This trap usually pushes some investors to buy the stock because of a wrong impression and it will turn into a bad investment. On the other hand, if you see a false signal that shows the rising trend of a stock or index has reversed when it has not, then you are in a bear trap. This can prompt traders to be in shorts on the stock or index since they expect the underlying to decrease in value, but instead of declining, the investment stays flat or slightly recovered. Continue reading "Dealing With Bear And Bull Traps In Binary Options"