A Real-Time Lesson in the Supply and Demand of Investing

Damien Hoffman from WallStCheatSheet.com has offered to share his market insight with Trader’s Blog readers today. Read on to learn what he thinks about gold, the US dollar, and what he sees and predicts will and needs to happen in the US economy.

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With India and China's strong demand for gold, it’s the perfect time to look deeper into how markets work ...

Many people are patriotically upset about the US dollar’s descent. However, it has been a direct result of the debt we’ve voluntarily assumed for all types of things including cheap goods and wars. In recent years, we’ve now decided to make matters worse by bailing out banks and propping up the housing market.  In years to come, the aging boomers will add another layer for healthcare and social security. Continue reading "A Real-Time Lesson in the Supply and Demand of Investing"