Penny Stock Breakdown

Today's Guest Blog Post comes from Michael Stone of Penny Stock Bull Reports. "Exactly what is a Penny Stock?" originally appeared as an Introduction to Michael Stone's latest eBook. In this post, Stone explains the basic concept of what a penny stock is and what the risk vs. reward ratio's entail. If you enjoy this post, please click here to learn more about Penny Stock Bull Reports and receive a complimentary report which will share 3 potential penny stocks poised to breakout.

Many people have heard about Penny stocks and their popularity is unarguable due to the fact that on any given day, millions of shares of these stocks are bought and sold in the United States and the rest of the world.

As long as you are reliably informed about the correct strategies for thriving in penny stock market then you can make more profitable trades more consistently.

If you are wondering what penny stocks are, these are defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission as low priced (usually under $5), high risk securities of startups and other small firms. Some market players regard penny stocks as stocks priced $5 or smaller while others believe the limit should be at $10.  Generally, penny stock companies have a market-cap of less than One Billion Dollars. Continue reading "Penny Stock Breakdown"