Pulling the Trigger

Last week I asked Jason Fielder from TriadFormula.com (who has 2 webinars tomorrow, 2 times 1pm eastern and 8pm eastern that you should check out) to teach us a little bit about scalping! Everyone seemed to enjoy the article so I asked him if he could come back and break down the always hard 'pulling of the trigger'. Please enjoy the article, comment below, and check out one of his webinars tomorrow!


Recently I conducted a survey that had the question: “What is your single biggest question about trading?” There were numerous responses, but one that I kept seeing over and over again was…

"When it comes time to place a trade, I just can’t seem to “pull the trigger”.

In my experience, people have trouble “pulling the trigger” for one reason and one reason only: fear. There are three main issues that generate this fear, and all three issues boil down to the trader’s belief about himself, his trading system, or the market. The first is a trader’s psychology. The second is the trader’s confidence in their trading system, and third is position sizing.

Let’s take a look at each one of these factors…

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