The Grandmother Of Value Investing

By: Tim Melvin

Everybody knows that Benjamin Graham was the father of value investing.

He was the first set down for the public the idea of buying stocks and bonds when they traded at a discount to their real value. His writings are still used as the primary text for value investors around the world, and his classroom at Columbia University has produced some of the greatest investors in the history of the markets.

Investors who were taught the craft by Graham's students have also done very well over the years, and some of the top-performing investment managers today can trace their heritage back to Graham's classroom.

But most investors today are not aware the idea of value investing also has a cantankerous grandmother figure.

Hetty Green will never be mistaken for the warm, cuddly grandmother of fairy tales. By most accounts she  was extremely litigious, and was constantly suing people who crossed her in some fashion of another. Continue reading "The Grandmother Of Value Investing"