Chaos in Yemen Could Undermine Dollar

Lior Alkalay - Contributor - Forex

Yemen, a country south of Saudi Arabia, and with an economic output roughly the equivalent to that of say, San Antonio, Texas, is sinking deeper into chaos. Though in the grand scheme of things in the Middle East, that chaos stems from a relatively small country, it is likely to have widespread ripples that could affect market sentiment, in general, and specifically, in the FX market. One might ask how on earth Yemen, a small country that is primarily desert and which is categorized as among the world’s poorest, could affect trends in the Dollar, the Euro and other currencies?

Yes, it’s Oil Again

The answer, as you might have guessed, and the only way that trouble in a small Middle Eastern country could have repercussions on global markets, is through Oil. Despite the fact that Yemen produces less Oil than Denmark and its direct effect on Oil supply is marginal, its location is critical. Yemen is situated on the banks of the Gulf of Aden, the 4th largest passage for Oil in the world and a key passage for seaborne Oil and gas from the Middle East. Analysts point out that with the country deteriorating into chaos, the risk of Oil tankers being hijacked by pirates grows much higher and thus heightens Oil supply risks. Now, while this might be a plausible risk scenario, it is not the real Continue reading "Chaos in Yemen Could Undermine Dollar"