World Cup Portfolio Quarterly and Annual Results

The graph below shows you the six asset classes that make up MarketClub's World Cup Portfolio and illustrates how important it is to be diversified in your portfolio. Diversification can help lower your risk and improve your odds of making money in any given year.

WCP Quarterly Returns for each market

Margin for the World Cup Portfolio is $50,000.

Annual Dollar returns and percentage gains on invested capital:

Year Total $ Percentage
2007 $61,833.00 123.60%
2008 $250,810.50 501.60%
2009 $24,265.50 48.40%
2010 $17,668.70 35.20%
2011 $93,373.00 186.60%
2012 $28,793.00 57.40%
2013 $38,031.00 76.00%
TOTAL $514,774.70


The chart below gives you the gains and losses for each market, for every quarter.

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