Crisis in Crude: Where do we go from here?

Crisis in Crude

I just finished this video on Wednesday and posted up for you to see. We are living in some very interesting times when not everything is what it is,

Watch here.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to comment.



One thought on “Crisis in Crude: Where do we go from here?

  1. Adam, The Marketclub charts are virtually all based on trades during the trading floor hours. Most commodities I trade are switching to the electronic markets which trade in extended hours. Is there a reason Marketclub is not adjusting to the extended hours? Thanks, Dean


    Thanks for your feedback.

    We adjusted to electronic trading pretty much when it first began. MarketClub carries most all the electronic quotes.

    Search for a particular market in the search box on MarketClub and you will see a complete list of what we cover,

    Here is an example for Crude Oil

    Regular session:      NYMEX_CL.J07    CRUDE OIL Apr 2007
    Electronic Session:  NYMEX_CL.J07.E CRUDE OIL Apr 2007 (E)

    Note the .E in the symbol which signifies electronic session.

    In future we will probably start doing more analysis on the electronic sessions.

    Hope this addresses your question.


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