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Hello, my name is Adam Hewison.

Yes, that's me in the photo to the left.

I want to make you an offer, like they say in the movies you can't refuse.

I want to share with you my 30 plus years of trading knowledge. Much of this knowledge you won't find in any book. This is real world, in the trading trenches knowledge. This is the kind of knowledge that I know can, and will help you become a better trader.

But first, let me say this. We are about to embark on a remarkable journey together, one that I hope will educate, entertain and allow you to discover your inner trader.

There will be times when you will think that I am a genius, and times when you might think that I am not so smart. But that is what makes a market ... different opinions.

Opinions make some people want to buy, while others will want to sell. Both traders, think they are correct at that precise moment of order execution. Only future time and price action will prove who is correct.

Here is one prediction that I know will be 100% accurate this, and every year.

I know with absolute certainty, that in the next six to twelve months, some of you will drop out. I also know that some of you will grow disinterested and think that trading is too hard and not for them. I also know that some of you will hang in there and see the light and say "Hey, I can do this, and be successful."

I hope that you are one of those special individuals who chooses to believe in themselves above all else. If you are, then you will succeed beyond you wildest dreams in a business that is perhaps the most challenging and exciting in the world.

O.K. now that the first quarter is behind us, let's get down to business and look ahead and start spotting some trading opportunities at what promises to be a fascinating and profitable year.

Every success in trading and in life,

Adam Hewison
Co-founder MarketClub.com

P.S. If you spot any grammatical errors in this blog, and you will, remember, this is a trading blog and not an English lit course. Some of the best traders in the world never graduated high school, let alone college. You don't need book smarts to be a great trader or make money in the market. You only need to be curious and have a strong desire to succeed.

About Adam Hewison

Adam Hewison is a former floor trader and past member of several major exchanges, including the International Monetary Market (IMM) a division of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Chicago, Index and Options Market(IOM) Chicago, New York Futures Exchange (NYFE) and The London Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE). Adam is the author of "Right on the Money, The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates" and numerous other financial ebooks and web movies. His latest project, MarketClub is a new web site dedicated to catching big moves in the markets using Adam's "Giant Footprint" approach. "MarketClub" can be viewed at MarketClub.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Traders Blog

  1. Kerry:

    Your doing the right thing by cutting losers short with stops. IMHO, 35 stocks is plenty big enough portfolio to manage as long as you are diversified. Let your winners run and use the 1 tick below the 3 day low to trail your winners. Replace stocks in portfolio with cash from from your trailing stops. Why would you want to replemish your portfolio every 4 days when you have winners already there. The most risk that you will have in a trade is when you open a new position. LET YOUR WINNERS RUN BABY!

  2. If I want to scan for ETFs, are they under stocks or mutual funds or ...?



    ETF's will be listed under Stocks or Equities!


  3. After using scan for 4 days, now I have about 35 stocks (sold off a couple losers). I can't keep buying 10 stocks foever. So, do I turn over my scan portfolio every four days, or how long should strong performers last?

    By the way, I'm not complaining. Before Marketclub, I had trouble searching for ideas. Now, I'm buried in ideas. Thanks

  4. using equity scan, I come up with too many ideas. so, I choose ones with a chart I like. So, I buy maybe 10 stocks at 100 shares each and make $200 a day. How can I use the scan to buy 1 or 2 a day for 1000 shares each and make some serious money?


    I like your style. Using SmartScan to find winners and looking at the charts you like. I also think you are doing something else that is smart, and that is you are diversified into 10 different stocks. This is a good way to reduce your risk profile in the market.

    Now to answer your question about buying just one or two stocks and jumping up to a 1000 share trading unit. This strategy is a double edged sword that can cut both ways, now your risk is higher and your opportunity to make more money does not equate to the same risk profile you  are currently trading. I would start with 5 different stocks and up your trading unit to 200 shares. This helps maintain your original risk threshold while giving you just a better (hopefully) profit at the end of the day.

    Thanks for using MarketClub and for you feedback.


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