Key trading terms you need to know... part 1.

Dear Trader,

I believe that the more you know about the markets the better off you are in the long run. With this in mind we are going to post on a regular basis words and terms that will help you expand your own personal knowledge of the markets.

A better informed trader ... is a smarter trader.

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The act of an option holder in electing not to exercise or offset an option.

Accommodation Trading:
Non-competitive trading entered into by a trader, usually to assist another with illegal trades.

Actuals: The physical or cash commodity, as distinguished from a commodity futures contract. Also see Cash and Spot Commodity.

The principle under which all futures positions owned or controlled by one trader (or group of traders acting in concert) are combined to determine reporting status and compliance with speculative limits. ves: (a) the solicitation or acceptance of customers’ orders, discretionary accounts, or participation in a commodity pool (other than in a clerical capacity); or (b) the supervision of any person or persons so engaged.

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