Techno-Fundamental Trading

Join along as Philip Gotthelf explains Techno-Fundamental Trading.
Listen to an MP3 seminar as you following along in the PDF workbook.

Seminar Topic: Major commodity trends have always been linked to fundamental market events. Huge profit potential is available to those who correctly predict changes in supply and demand, yet the art of fundamental analysis is being lost as traders concentrate on the intense pursuit of technical methods and computerized trading techniques. The skillful combination of fundamental analysis and technical timing creates a hybrid "TechnoFundamental" approach that Philip believes provides the best opportunity to identify and trade commodity, financial, and energy trends. In this unique presentation, you will learn how to apply the best of both forms of market analysis.


â–ºProduct Analysis
â–ºHistorical Behavior
â–ºMarket Structure
â–ºAssociated Markets
â–ºEconomic Conditions
â–ºPolitical Influences
â–ºPattern Recognition
â–ºOpen Interest
â–ºInter Market Analysis
â–ºWaves, Cycles
â–ºPrice Analysis

Philip Gotthelf is President of Equidex Incorporated (registered CTA) and Equidex Brokerage Group, Inc. (registered Introducing Broker). Philip publishes the Commodex System (the oldest daily published futures trading system), and the Commodity Futures Forecast service. Known for extensive work in the futures industry, Philip has acted as consultant to major financial and consumer publications. His articles have appeared in virtually all the major industry publications. He is a regular guest on CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN and has appeared on the NBC Today Show and NBC Nightly News.

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