Are you ready to go big game hunting in the markets?

One of the things we hear most from traders is how do I find winning trades in a huge universe of markets?

This can often times be confusing, time consuming and totally overwhelming to the average trader.

So is there a answer to this common problem.

The good news is there is thanks to computers and technology.

I have just finished a new 5 minute video that shows you how to bag the movers in any market using our new scan "Trade Triangles" tool. If you have never seen this technology in action you are in for a treat.

I just finished the video on Thursday, so it is right up todate. The video is only 5 minutes long but is packed with trading information that shows you step by step just how easy it is to find the kind of moves that can make your year.

View it with our complements. There is no registration required.

Our new "Trade Triangles" scanning tool scans the investment universe every 7 minutes looking for markets that match a specific criteria that has a very high success rate. Our goal is to catch moves early and often in stocks, futures, precious metals, forex and mutual funds.

You won't want to miss this 5 minute video. So make yourself comfortable, turn on the speakers and see first hand just how easy it is to spot the movers in any market.

Watch it here.